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ANGELET: Rise to Royalty

Sixteen years scraping for food just to survive. Sixteen years mastering eight languages, learning computer skills, and becoming adept at survival–all from a highly intelligent man who pretended we were the lowest class. My father. I owe him my life.

The Illumination–that week long competition where I had to prove myself before the elite and the government–was only the beginning.

Little did I know that my father had prepared me for sixteen years to change history. Little did I know how the elite would sabotage me from jealousy and the government would try to
kill me because I posed a great threat.

I can trust only a few people: my uncle, who risked his life so that I could compete at the Illumination; Esa and Pepin, my groomer and driver who showed unexpected loyalty to me;
and then there’s that guy, Jude–poverty can’t hide how handsome he is.

Little did I know that life as a royal Princess would involve
so many secrets and coverups.

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