Cassia Character

I’m thinking about my character, Cassia, from my newest dystopian thriller, CASSIA: Know My Name.  I got really excited writing this character because I saw the opportunity to slowly unveil who she really is.

I decided to take her on a journey of self-exploration to parallel the physical journey she is forced to embark upon.  I’ve been asked if I write my characters after real life people, but the answer is no. Cassia probably has some of my insecurities I experienced growing up, but amazingly, she came to life as I typed her story upon the pages of the novel.

I will say, this novel has been my favorite to write so far. Not once did I experience writer’s block. I found myself daydreaming about Cassia’s world throughout the day and couldn’t wait to sit at my computer to write it down.

I hope that readers enjoy the dystopian world of Cassia. I’m currently writing the second of the Cassia Trilogy and am eager to share the continuation of her journey–and her romance with….