Going Back In Time: Mighty Abraham

I am admittedly a history buff. I love antiques, old, old books that smell musty, and researching history. That’s why Mighty Abraham was so much fun to write!

I wrote the screenplay for Mighty Abraham first. A lot of research went into the project. That’s where I rubbed my hands together with glee! Though I had already studied much of the time period in which I wrote, I realized there was so much of which I was unaware.

We shot a trailer for our investor package. Now combining historical items (props) with my love of filmmaking tickled my soul. Of course, three investors later and no closer to getting the film made, left me pretty disheartened. Then the seed of an idea entered my mind to write a short novel based upon the screenplay. It all came together and I wrote it as a journal, chronicling Katherine’s journey to America and becoming a mail order bride in the midwest.

This short novel gathered dust in my computer as I started writing young adult novels. My love for creative writing blossomed and the novels became a vehicle for me to exercise that love. I put up my first two, Nobody’s Clan and Nobody’s Girl, on Amazon and thought I was done. But I had just started. I had more stories to tell.  Angelet: Rise to Royalty quickly unfolded, followed by Before the Boys Say No and Hippi’s Crush. By the time I wrote Cassia: Know My Name, I had pretty much decided I was an author.

It was time to share the stories, so my husband made me a website and I started slowly getting word out. Marketing oneself is an interesting endeavor. I almost have to look at myself as a third person! I recently blew the dust off Mighty Abraham, my first novella, and decided to publish it. It’s like I revisited an old friend. Many fond memories are associated with this story and I hope others find some happiness within its pages.