My First Novel…from the trenches

A few thoughts from the trenches of a new writer…

Writing my first novel, Nobody’s Clan, was really like training for a marathon. I quickly realized the need for more discipline of my time to complete the novel. I scheduled time from 5 a.m. – 9 a.m. to write…then in the afternoon as time allowed.

I felt like I was wading in mud for my first writing endeavor. I concentrated on the technical aspects of writing to the point that my creativity felt stifled. Baby steps was the answer. I had to acclimate myself to this new world I had decided to explore.

When I finished the novel after three months of writing, I felt like I had just won a medal. All my discipline had paid off. I was an author. I spent great deal of time proofing and editing. Sure, I would have loved to have a professional editor, but frankly, not many indie authors can afford one. Thankfully, I relish this step.

Catch Cloud Creative did my cover for me and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result! Now, I had to figure out how to get the book to meet the technical requirements. After a couple of months of research and trial and error (and many tears of frustration), I climbed that mountain and got my manuscript uploaded to Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I wish I had had a step by step guide. I’ll try to post a blog on that to help new authors.

Createspace really does make it easy for indie authors to publish. Very easy step by step guide to get my book online to sell. After six published novels, I still appreciate how easy they make it for us.

When I got my first ARC copies in the mail, I’ll admit it–I shed a few tears. It’s pure joy to have something of substance shown for all my hard work. Still is.