About Me

I’m a lover of words–always have been since I learned to read in kindergarten. I grew up feeling like an outcast and used books as my escape into all these fantastic worlds where endless adventures awaited me. Perhaps that why I’m more fond of underdog stories where the heroine is the last person you would expect to come out on top.

I’ve been writing screenplays for the past 13 years. Hello?!  You would have thought writing novels would be a natural jump. A couple of my short scripts were filmed and produced. Now, I write full-time. I don’t want to limit myself to one genre, although YA dystopian, sic-fi novels interest me the most.

I’m a wife to the most amazing man on earth, a mother to some lovely children, and very blessed to pursue my love of writing full time. We have two dogs– who is a golden Labrador Retriever–and he’s amazing–and a German Shepherd who is smart and spastic and adds so much energy to our family!

I’m also dedicated to eating organic and clean. As I age, I see more clearly the importance of being intentional about what goes into my body and my family. Except when we go to Cheesecake Factory. All clean eating takes a backseat to Godiva chocolate cheesecake

Thank you for stopping by to check out my work. I hope you get lost in the pages of each book and enjoy each character’s journey. I so enjoy hearing from readers, so if you ever want to connect with me, you can catch me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.